Our Core Areas

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Our clients are our number one priority. As a team, we pride ourselves on being able to add extensive value to our clients’ businesses through a variety of engaging and successful techniques, tailored to suit your business problems and needs. Our work is shaped to our clients’ requirements. This includes adaptation during the project, where necessary, to help achieve the best outcome. We are split into six core areas and deliver a bespoke service for every client requirement. 


We provide expert guidance and advice from highly experienced consultants to a wide variety of clients. We can advise on key business issues spanning a variety of sectors and have experience working with large organisations on complex programmes and projects across both the public and private sector. Our knowledgeable consulting team has a wealth of experience that stretches across all levels of business; making sure we have full coverage at an industry level. From board level engagement, to in-depth analysis and mentoring – we have it covered.


We provide a comprehensive approach to technology consulting, whether your business is looking at introducing a new type of technology or seeking to improve a current system. We can advise, guide and support at all stages. We have significant experience across a wide variety of areas, which include strategy, technology transformation and technology architecture. Our consultants have worked in the automotive, nuclear, retail, banking and finance sectors - we are well equipped to advise on any technology challenge.


Our small business advisory service offers smaller clients, who may be new to running a business; a cost-effective solution to assist with the formation of their business or support to grow and expand. We provide personal, informed and data driven advice, guidance and support across key business problems both specific and unspecific to smaller businesses. We are here to support our smaller clients’ success. Our toolkit provides a go-to-guide for SME clients, ensuring an around-the-clock service outside of business hours.


This team provides high quality business & process improvement solutions that deliver measurable and meaningful results to our clients. We provide expert consultants with significant expertise across key industries, including Nuclear, IT, Transport, and HR. We have best practice intellectual capital and dedicated proficiency that can accelerate your time and benefit realisation. Our solutions are informed by previous client experiences and engagements which act as our benchmark and advance our research database.


Longdogs Digital is a specialist in transforming expectations into reliable memorable experiences. We draw upon our more than 30 years’ collective experience in all aspects of digital to provide our clients with the best advice in this area. Our digital consultancy services follow our in-house designed six-stage process that enables us to create a clear digital vision, strategy and valuable blueprint for your business. Longdogs has the skills, talents and technical know-how to guide you through your Digital challenges and opportunities.


As part of our ongoing offer to clients, we have developed a mentoring and leadership coaching service. This is provided by our most senior consultants to executive leadership in companies of all sizes. We can provide virtual, face to face or workshop style sessions of a wide range of topics and for all audience abilities. Our senior team are highly experienced at delivering mentoring/coaching and will tailor your package to suit your requirements.