Gin Distillery

This client owned a Gin Distillery in the Scottish Borders and wanted to grow their operation and scale up significantly. We were contracted to help them achieve a 40% growth target in 2 years, we were also contracted to perform an in-depth diagnostic and develop an associated strategic plan.

The clients challenge was focussed around getting their existing product to market across the entire country rather than just in Scotland; where they were based and had operated successfully for the past 5 years. We initially worked with them to produce a full diagnostic looking at the current position of the company, its assets, financial reporting, sales, marketing and branding and overall strategic goals. It became evident from our initial period with them that there were several key areas we could work on to improve the "health" of the company and increase the chances of sustainability when launching into a new market with heavy competition. After completing this work, we then used our networks and associates to assist in the development of a full strategic plan for launching the current product range in the UK via a phased approach to maintain an even and pointed entrance to market. 

Whilst completing this work on the strategic plan, we were also working on a marketing and branding refresh for the company, using our existing design contractors, we produced a full design proposal for the client and worked with them to tweak the proposal and really make it work for them. Throughout the entire project, we utilised several key contacts and suppliers to engage effectively with our client, they received full 360-degree support to transform their business from having a localised outlook to having a national outlook and adopting forward thinking innovative approach.

During our time with this client, we also worked with the leadership team to build confidence and enthusiasm amongst them and their staff. Interestingly, one of the diagnostic reports recommendations was to focus on engagement not just outside of their organisation (i.e. with suppliers and third party networks etc.) but also inside the organisation; this proved to be a vital observation as our workshops and mentoring sessions with the teams and with management had a significant impact on productivity, confidence in the cause (i.e. company growth) and staff retention. 

After completing the final phase of the project, the client had successfully launched the product nationwide and had run a successful marketing campaign with refreshed branding. They made a saving over the next quarter of just over 33K and over the following 6 months, they saw sales increase by just over 30%, the companies’ online presence moved up the rankings and their distilling operation ran without issue 100% of the time.