Omnichanel 3D Rendering Start up.

The client had established a small focused team and were clear on the technical product / service that they wanted to develop.  They needed facilitation across several networks to systematically define the commercial proposition and the initial operating structures that they would need to sustain the embryonic company.  They were also looking to raise working capital to take them from concept through to commercial viability and therefore needed a cogent investment pitch. 

We provided facilitation of the leadership team to systematically consider all the facets of the potential business including:

  • Market potential assessment 

  • Feasibility study 

  • Capability assessment [gap analysis]

  • Financial investment case 

  • Operational design [sourcing strategy]

Working closely with the leadership, associate companies and business networks from across the UK and Europe, we provided challenge and assisted in the capture of thinking to build a coherent investment case securing £1.5 M from a private investor.

We helped the team to define a standard approach for clients to be engaged in the creative development process for 3D rendering of products, allow them to control the take on process and in the process 'learn' about emerging client needs.  There was also a need to structure the organisation to enable effective management of limited resources, ensuring any development bottlenecks and capability constraints were minimised.